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The Full Story

Douce x Vans x Blends  

This Project was was a collaboration with Vans and Blends 



My mission was to bring the vision of the Blends and Vans collaboration to life through accurate and innovative 3D modeling. My  goal was to create a visually appealing representation of the shoe design that accurately captures the unique style and aesthetic of both Blends and Vans. My focus was on creating a high-quality 3D model that meets the expectations of both Blends and Vans and accurately represents the collaboration in a way that excites and inspires their customers.


By using cutting-edge technology and a commitment to excellence, I  aim to create a 3D model that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and practical for both Blends and Vans to use in their marketing and promotional efforts. We believe that our passion for 3D modeling and My  commitment to quality allowed Me to successfully bring this collaboration to life in a way that meets the needs and expectations of both Blends and Vans.


As a 3D modeler, I am passionate about creating digital representations of real-world objects that capture their essence and beauty. My vision is to leverage my skills and expertise to recreate iconic brands like Blends and Vans in 3D, bringing their designs to life in new and exciting ways. By using the latest software and techniques, I strive to create accurate, detailed, and visually stunning models that showcase the unique characteristics of each shoe. My goal is to inspire others to appreciate the art and craftsmanship of these brands, and to provide a platform for designers, artists, and enthusiasts to explore new possibilities in 3D modeling and collaboration. Together, we can celebrate the intersection of fashion, art, and technology, and drive innovation in the world of 3D modeling and design.

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