Here lies a list of our talented team members.


Amandouce Muamba


CEO & Lead Graphic Designer

Los Angeles CA.

I was born in the Congo than moved  to the United States in 2004. Although my first love was art, I decided to pursue a career within the medical field, specifically nursing. As I attended college I found myself spending more time drawing rather than studying. Upon completion of the nursing program at James Madison University,  I decided to focus my potential on my creativity. The knowledge I gained in the human anatomy from my degree and my artistic background led me to pursue a career as an Illustrator.

Skills: Illustration, Sketch, Logo Design, Hand Lettering, Painting

Edwin Williams

COO & Lead Illustrator 

Los Angeles CA.

Born into a military family I was exposed to different cultures and regions from a young age. I was fascinated by the different colors and imagery, soaking it all in without even realizing what was to come. I found my love for art at the age of 8 years old and from there it has only grown. I have had many ventures from music to sport and have alway found myself right back to the art. At the age of 22 I made the decision to focus all of my energy on my craft, it was the best move for me and I’m proud of it.