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Jordan 4 

The Jordan 4 was the second straight shoe designed by Tinker Hatfield and was released in 1989. It wasn’t a huge departure from the 3 when it comes to design, but it made additions that make it one of the more beloved in the series. 

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My mission in recreating a 3D version of my favorite pair of shoes, the Jordan 4s, was to showcase my creativity and individuality as a 3D modeler. This project was not driven by any financial compensation, but rather a personal desire to bring my unique vision to life.


Through careful research and attention to detail, I aimed to create a 3D model of the Jordan 4s that not only stayed true to the original design, but also incorporated my own color scheme and aesthetic preferences. By doing so, I hoped to showcase my ability to innovate and add a fresh perspective to a classic design.


Ultimately, my mission was to demonstrate my technical proficiency in 3D modeling, as well as my creativity and vision as an artist. This project served as a testament to my dedication and passion for the craft, and my willingness to go above and beyond in pursuing my personal and professional goals.


My vision in recreating a 3D version of my favorite pair of shoes, the Jordan 4s, in my own color way was to inspire others to embrace their own creativity and individuality in the field of 3D modeling. This project was not just about creating a 3D model of a popular shoe, but about using that model as a canvas to express my own unique style and vision.


Through this project, I hoped to encourage others to take risks and think outside the box in their own 3D modeling pursuits. By incorporating my own color way and personal aesthetic into the design, I aimed to showcase the power of individual expression in the world of 3D modeling.

Ultimately, my vision was to contribute to a vibrant and dynamic community of 3D modelers who push the boundaries of creativity and innovation. I hope to inspire others to follow their own passions and to use their technical expertise to bring their wildest ideas to life.

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