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Project CNKND || WIP

Codename: Kids Next Door[e] is an American animated television series created by Mr. Warburton for Cartoon Network and distributed by Warner Bros. Domestic Television. The series follows the adventures of a diverse group of five 10-year-old children who operate from a high-tech treehouse, fighting against adult and teen villains with advanced 2×4 technology


My mission is to showcase my passion for 3D modeling and creativity by recreating the iconic characters from Cartoon Network's "Codename Kids Next Door" in a unique and eye-catching way. By designing and incorporating my own 3D accessories into each character's design, I aim to bring these beloved characters to life in a new and exciting way that captures their individuality and personality.

I am dedicated to creating accurate and visually stunning 3D models that not only do justice to the original characters, but also reflect my own personal touch and style. I hope to use this project as an opportunity to demonstrate my skills and expertise in 3D modeling, and to inspire others to pursue their own creative passions. With this mission in mind, I am committed to delivering a high-quality and memorable 3D modeling project that fans of "Codename Kids Next Door" will love and appreciate.

high ren.png



My vision is to bring the beloved characters from the show  to life in a new and exciting way by recreating them in 3D and outfitting them with unique and innovative accessories. I aim to create an immersive experience for fans of the show, showcasing my skills as a 3D modeler and my creativity in designing accessories that complement and enhance the characters.

I envision a future where my 3D models of the "Adventure Time" characters and accessories are recognized and appreciated by fans of the show, inspiring others to pursue their own creative projects and passions. By combining my love for "Code Name Kid Next Doo" and my expertise in 3D modeling, I hope to deliver a project that both honors the original characters and brings a fresh perspective to the world of "Adventure Time."

This is my vision for the future of my project of recreating the characters from "Code Name Kid Next Doo" and outfitting them with 3D accessories.


 keyed prototyped and mass production ready  

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